Why Choose us.

Seda- Afritech International Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian company founded in 1992,

Becoming a limited liability company in 2013, with an ardent focus on providing world-class

professional environmental and sustainable development solutions ,to our clients. We have

a vision to be leaders in provision of efficient, reliable and durable professional expertise in

design , planning ,implementation, evaluation, assessment and co-ordination of innovative

environmental solutions, and our core brand edge is the application of unique combination

of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to develop world class solutions in our

core area of interest.


Our company has a team of experts possessing several years of experience in environmental

and social safeguards, International Finance Corporation [IFC] Performance Standards , and

the United Nations[UN] Standards in tackling global environmental, economic , Social, Climate

Change and suitable  development issues, especially as they have multi- dimensional and

global cross –cutting impacts and we are well positioned to use innovative research  and

consultancy base, coupled with the quality and experience  of our consultants with a keen eye

for detail and a culture of meeting schedules have established us as solution providers in the

field of  sustainable development thus building confidence in our clients on our ability to meet

their objectives as an when due .As project managers , our core competencies allows for

developmental challenges , while engaging best practice standards  in tackling global issues and

as professionals , we work closely with our clients to develop clear project objectives and goals ,

which are aligned with our organizational  team efforts to achieve goal congruence , essential for

continually improving our environmental and social performance.


We have relevant experience from working in both the public and  private sector ; with our

Services being utilized  at State and Federal levels , and by the oil and gas sector offering us

an opportunity to develop a culture of delivering  on tight time bound deadlines and at world

 standards . Our competencies  are deployed in a way that can achieve a balance between quality

and costs. Our Some of our clients over the few years that we still maintain a an extremely good

working relationship include;     

The World Bank

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD)

The Federal Ministry of Water Resources

The West African Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP)

The Lagos State Government – Lagos State Metropolitan Development and Governance Project

The Kwara State Education Sector Project – Ministry of Education Science and Technology

The Bayelsa State Government – Ministry of Environment

The Nigerian LNG Limited